QMC at the research frontier

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QMC at the research frontier

Postby Mike Towler » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:33 pm

Dear all,

"QMC at the research frontier: useful calculations for big complicated systems"

.. is the title of the latest blog post on the web site which may be of general interest: see here.

It presents the slides from a talk I gave in Cambridge last week to illustrate all the excellent work our American friends are doing using QMC to solve interesting technological problems.


PS: I post this here since it might not be obvious that you can 'subscribe' to this stuff. If you want to receive CASINOQMC Blog posts by email, then you can type your address into the 'Subscribe to Blog via Email' box in the bottom right hand corner of the web page. I'm actually loving all this new technology stuff; I'd forgotten that I'd subscribed to my own Blog, and I was so surprised when my post appeared on my Samsung Galaxy S4 whilst I was walking to work, reformatted for mobile phones complete with pretty pictures, that I even read it again. I know my post before last was about Jerry Lee Lewis, and thus of limited interest to most 8-) , but I'll try to compose some more QMC-related ones in the next few months (anyone with a login ID can of course do the same..).
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