Wrong option, try again..

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Wrong option, try again..

Post by Vladimir_Konjkov »

Dear casino developers

After upgrading my operating system, I noticed that the install script started to work incorrectly.

For example after selecting a menu item [n] Create a new CASINO_ARCH for this machine interactively, script no longer asks interactively for various options, but displays a message Wrong option, try again in an endless loop.
As it turned out, the reason was updating the bash to 5.0.3 version, while arch/arch_info.sh script doesn't know what to do with this.

A small correction in the script fix an issue.

Code: Select all

@@ -855,7 +855,7 @@ prompt() {
     echo " TYPE '=' FOR $what_default VALUE: $prompt_default"
     read -e -p " $prompt_prompt> " $prompt_var || return 127
     interpret_equal=1  ;;
-   4.*)
+   4.*|5.*)
     read -e -p " $prompt_prompt> " -i "$prompt_default" $prompt_var \
      || return 127 ;;
Best Vladimir.
In Soviet Russia Casino plays you.
Mike Towler
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Re: Wrong option, try again..

Post by Mike Towler »

Hi Vladimir

Thanks for that. I'll update the source this evening.

Best wishes
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