Uomo del mio tempo
Salvatore Quasimodo (1943)


Six anchor that one of the stone and the sling,
Man of my time. You were in the car,
With the malignant wings, the meridian ones of dead women,
- T' I have see-within the fire wagon, to the passes,
To the torture wheels. T' I have seen: you were,
With your persuaded exact science to the extermination,
Without love, Christ. You have still killed,
Like always, as the fathers killed, as they killed
The animals that saw you for before the time.
And this blood smells like in the day
When the brother said the other brother:
" We go to the fields. " And that cold, tenacious echo,
And committee until you, within your day.
Forgotten, or sons, the blood clouds
Climbs from the earth, forgotten the fathers:
Them tombe sink in the ash,
The black birds, the wind, cover their heart.



(Microphone Towler, March 1998)