KKR and Many-body Applications

The international workshop KKR and Many-body Applications took place from Saturday 13th - Thursday 18th September 2008. The aim of the meeting was to explore the incorporation of many-body physics into ab initio KKR theory, including self-interaction corrections at finite temperatures, disordered local moments, the alloy analogy of valence fluctuations, the GW method for correlated systems, and dynamical mean field theory with fluctuations exchange. Incorporation of some of these techniques into KKR could lead to a materials-specific electronic structure code for correlated d and f electron systems.

The participants spent four hours each morning listening to talks and participating in discussions, followed by afternoons of mountain walking, caving, city visits and other activities. Evenings were spent dining in local restaurants including Alta Matanna, Da Sandra, Eremo di Calomini and Mulino. Almost all of the participants showed a particular interest in midnight showings of 1970s Doug McClure monster movies in the TTI cinema - including 'The Land That Time Forgot', 'At The Earth's Core', and 'Warlords of Atlantis' . It takes all sorts.

List of participants

Hisazumi Akai (Osaka University)
Masako Akai (Osaka University)
James Annett (Bristol University)
Markus Daene (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Hubert Ebert (University of Muenchen)
Arthur Ernst (University of Halle)
Guntram Fischer (University of Halle)
Balazs Gyorffy (Bristol University)
Martin Lueders (Daresbury Laboratory)
Jan Minar (University of Muenchen)
Leon Petit (University of Aarhus)
Julie Staunton (Warwick University)
Dzidka Szotek (Daresbury Laboratory)
Laszlo Szunyogh (Budapest University)
Walter Temmerman (Daresbury Laboratory)
Balasz Ujfalussy (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Participant comments

  • "Thanks very much for all your work, organisational skills and tremendous hospitality in making KKR2008 so enjoyable. The talks, trips and general TTI atmosphere added up to a really memorable experience."

  • "Thanks for the great hospitality!"
  • "I just would like to thank you and Sam for the hospitality provided to us while visiting Vallico Sotto. For me it was a very adventurous experience and the most remarkable workshop that I ever attended. "
  • "I recognized that [my colleague] attended the TTI work shop every year. He told to me that all new information he had obtained about QMC was those obtained from TTI workshop. The workshops were so stimulating for him. I also agree. The KKR workshop in TTI was extremely interesting and enjoyable. I think It is mostly due to your way of organization. Thank you again for all you did. It makes our experience in Vallico Sotto so special."