Cabinet of Curiousities
The Institute has an amusing collection of antique scientific instruments, stuffed animals, Victorian chemistry equipment, maps, telescopes and other steampunk curiousities.

Antique spyglass

faraday cage

Fifteen-foot-high Faraday Cage originally from the laboratory of Nikola Tesla. You don't need to know how we got it up the mountain..

nessy1 nessy2
Acquired as part of the Merrylin cryptid collection put together in the 1890s, this newborn Plesiosaur was found washed up on the shores of an obscure Scottish loch. The discovery heralded a massive search of the Loch. Nothing was ever found besides this wonderfully unique specimen, although Doctor Merrylin did not stop at simply seeking out the creature for his collection. According to his records, the appearance of these creatures was associated to transient temporal distortions (though he did have a bit of a screw loose). The specimen is in relatively good condition. It is dried, the skin is intact. It is presented in a brass/glass specimen cabinet, the inside back decorated with various illustrations of plesiosaur anatomy.
nessy3 nessy4
A small dried cthulhu spawn specimen, taken from the tar-sealed crates that were the only remnants of a failed exploration of the tomb fortress of R'lyeh - prison realm of the old one Cthulhu. . This one appears to still have a little colour in his cheeks - for a cthulhu spawn outlives death; in the immortal words that are scrawled upon the blackened carved walls of their sarcophagus realm - "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die." presented here in a Victorian hand made glass specimen jar. Jar is labelled and sealed, and contains notes relating to its contents.. a lovely example of extra dimensional cryptozoology..
cthulhu2 cthulhu3

Snake-eating competition

Rocks, test-tubes and armadilloes

Really wild boar

Crowley's Medusa

Giant Elk

Rhinoceros Hornbill