Towler Institute Antiquarian Library

Here is a catalogue of the Institute's Antiquarian Book Library. It mainly contains works on early exploration and travel, with a bit of philosophy , natural history, archaeology, astronomy and mountaineering, plus various old guides to Italy. And of course fairy stories and the Arabian Nights for late evenings around the fire and for our daughter Saska. And not forgetting the incomparable 1846 edition of the Young Man's Book of Amusement. The Library is also the inspiration for the TTI Exploration Society.

Title Author Publisher Year

Memoirs Relative to Egypt, written in that country during the campaigns of General Bonaparte, in the years 1798 and 1799, by the learned and scientific men who accompanied the French expedition
T. Gillet, London 1800
Travels to discover the source of the Nile in the years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773 James Bruce James Ballantyne, Edinburgh 1804, 2nd ed.
The Mariner's Chronicle, being a collection of the most interesting narratives of shipwrecks, fires, famines, and other calamities incident to a life of maritime enterprise; with authentic particulars of the extraordinary adventures and sufferings of the crews, their reception and treatment on distant shores; the country, customs, and manners of the inhabitants: including an account of the deliverance of the survivors. (3 vols) Archibald Duncan James Cundee, London 1805
A Voyage around the World in the years 1740, 1, 2, 3, 4, by George Anson, Esq., Late Lord Anson, Commander in Chief of a squadron of his Majesty's ships sent upon an expedition to the South Seas, compiled from his papers and materials by Richard Walter M.A., chaplain of the ship Centurion, in that expedition.[This copy formerly owned by Robert (Roberto) Winthrop Simpson ( 1799 - 1877) a British midshipman who was in the 'cortege' of Lord Cochrane, one of the Royal Navy's greatest fighting captains, when he travelled to Chile in 1818 in order to help the Chileans to gain independence. Highly likely this book was with Simpson on that voyage. Genuine salt-water stains..] R. Walter Ogle, Ogle, Ogle and Hamilton, London 1812
The World Displayed, or, a Collection of Voyages and Travels. Selected from the Writers of All Nations.
J. Christie, Dublin 1815
An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the American Brig Commerce, Wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa, in the month of August, 1815. With an account of the sufferings of her surviving officers and crew, who were enslaved by the wandering Arabs on the great African desart, or Zahahrah; and observations historical, geographical, &c. made during the travels of the author, while a slave to the Arabs, and in the empire of Morocco. James Riley
c. 1817
Voyage en Angleterre, pendant les années 1810 et 1811; avec des observations sur l'état politique et moral, les arts et la littérature de ce pays, et sur les moeurs et les usages de ses habitans [signed by the author, and by Benjamin Leigh Smith the well-known Unitarian radical (with the bookplate of the latter)]. L. Simond Treuttel et Würtz, Paris 1817
A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels, from the discovery of America to the present time. Arranged in systematic order, geographical and chronological. The whole exhibiting a faithful and lively delineation of the world. Ed. R.P. Forster Mackenzie and Dent, Newcastle 1818
Narratives of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the years 1822, 1823 and 1824, by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton and the late Doctor Oudney. Extending across the great desert to the tenth degree of Northern Latitude, and from Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the capital of the Felatah Empire. (2 vols) Denham, Clapperton and Oudney John Murray, London 1828, 3rd ed.
Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger; with a narrative of a voyage down that river to its termination. (3 vols) Richard and John Lander John Murray, London 1832
Topography of Thebes, and General View of Egypt. Being a short account of the principal objects worthy of notice in the valley of the Nile, to the Second Cataract and Wadee Samneh, with the Fyoom, oases, and Eastern Desert, from Sooez to Berenice; with remarks on the manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians and the productions of the country &c. &c. I.G. Wilkinson John Murray, London 1835
Travels and Researches of Alexander von Humboldt, being a condensed narrative of his journeys in the equinoctial regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia; together with analyses of his more important investigations. W. MacGillivray Oliver & Boyd,Edinburgh 1836, 3rd ed.
Curiosities of Modern Travel
David Bogue, London 1845
Lands, Classical and Sacred Lord Nugent Charles Knight & Co., London 1846
Humboldt's Travels and Discoveries in South America
John W. Parker 1846, 2nd ed.
Adventures in the Libyan Desert and the Oäsis of Jupiter Ammon Bayle St. John John Murray, London 1849
Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia, Petraea and the Holy Land J.L. Stephens Milner and Sowerby, London c. 1850
Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean David Livingstone John Murray, London 1857 1st ed.
Letters from High Latitudes, being some account of a voyage in the schooner yacht "Foam", 85 O.M. to Iceland, Jan Mayen, & Spitzbergen in 1856 Lord Dufferin John Murray, London 1857
Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa - with manners and customs of the people, and of the chase of the gorilla, the crocodile, leopard, elephant, hippotamus, and other animals. Paul B. Du Chaillu
Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile John Hanning Speke Blackwood & Sons 1863
Allocution prononcée par M. Le Capitaine Speke John Hanning Speke Société de Geographie 1864
Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries; and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa and Nyassa 1858-1864 David and Charles Livingstone John Murray, London 1865 1st ed.
My Wanderings. Being Travels in the East in 1846-1847, 1850-1851, 1852-1853 John Gadsby A. Gadsby 1866
The Giant Cities of Bashan and Syria's Holy Places J.L. Porter T. Nelson & Sons, London 1869
The Natural History of Man, being an account of the manners and customs of the uncivilized races of men (2 vols) J.G. Wood George Routledge and sons, London 1870
The Lands of Cazembe Richard F. Burton, B.A. Beadle and C.T. Beake John Murray, London 1873, 1st ed.
The Land of the Pharoahs. Egypt and Sinai : illustrated by Pen and Pencil Samuel Manning Religious Tract Society c. 1875
Across Africa (2 vols) Verney Lovett Cameron Daldy, Isbister & Co, London 1877, 1st ed.
Japan, Historical and Descriptive C.H. Eden Marcus Ward & Co, London 1877, 1st ed.
Life and Findings of Dr. Livingstone, the Explorer, the Man of Peace the Trader, the Pioneer and the Missionary
Dean & Son, London 1878
Far off, or, Asia Described, with anecdotes and numerous illustrations
Hatchards 1879
The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, and the Sword Hunters of the Hamran Arabs Samuel W. Baker Macmillan and Co. 1880
The Life of David Livingstone, the Great Missionary Explorer. J.S. Robertson Walter Scott Ltd., London 1882?
The Inner Life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy Land, from my private journal Isabel Burton Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co., London 1884
The Wonders and Beauties of Creation, portrayed by Buffon, Chateaubriand, Humboldt, Livingstone, Ruskin, Dufferin, Tennent, etc., illustrated by many engravings on wood
Gall & Inglis c. 1884
Work and Adventure in New Guinea 1877 to 1885 James Chalmers and W. Wyatt Gill The Religious Tract Society 1885
The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Maundeville
Cassell 1886
The Battle of Tofrek [The personal copy of explorer Henry M. Stanley, with inscribed dedication to him by the author] William Galloway London 1887, 1st ed.
Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle" Around the World Charles Darwin Ward Lock & Co. 1889, 3rd ed.
A Narrative on Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro, with an account of the native tribes, and observations on the climate, geology, and natural history of the Amazon valley Alfred Russel Wallace Ward Lock & Co. 1889
In Darkest Africa, or the quest, rescue and retreat of Emin, Governor of Equatoria (6 vols) Henry M. Stanley Sampson Low, Marson &c, London 1890 1st ed. (subscription ed.)
Through the Dark Continent, or, the Sources of the Nile Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean Henry M. Stanley Sampson Low, Marson, Searle & Rivington, London 1890
Stanley and Africa Eva Hope Walter Scott 1890
Pictorial Africa, its Heroes, Missionaries and Martyrs: stirring narratives of their peril, adventures, and achievements, together with a full and descriptive account of the peoples, deserts, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains of the "dark continent"
James Sangster & Co., London c. 1890
James Calvert, or, from Dark to Dawn in Fiji R. Vernon S.W. Partridge & Co., London c. 1890
Coomassie and Magdala. The story of two British campaigns in Africa Henry M. Stanley Sampson Low, Marston & Co., London 1891
Twelve Months in Peru E.B. Clark T. Fisher Unwin, London 1891
The Albert N'yanza, Great Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources Samuel W. Baker Macmillan and Co., London 1892
John North in Mexico - a Story of the Silver City Fred A. Ober D. Lothrop, Boston 1892
The Real Japan. Studies of Contemporary Japanese Manners, Morals, Administration, and Politics Henry Morgan Fisher & Unwin, London 1893
The Story of John G. Paton, or, Thirty Years among South Sea Cannibals Ed. James Paton Hodder and Stoughton, London 1894, 13th ed.
The Life and Travels of Mungo Park ; with a supplementary chapter detailing the results of recent discovery in Africa
W.P.Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, Edinburgh c. 1895?
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al Medinah and Meccah Richard F. Burton George Bell & Sons 1898
Farthest North, being the record of a voyage of exploration of the ship Fram 1893-1896 and the fifteen month sleigh journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen with an appendix by Otto Sverdrup Captain of the Fram. (2 vols) Fridtjof Nansen George Newnes, London 1898
Tropical Africa Henry Drummond Hodder & Stoughton 1898, 3rd ed.
The Benin Massacre Capt. Alan Boisragon Methuen & Co., London 1898, 2nd ed.
Campbell's Complete Guide and Descriptive Book of Mexico Reau Campbell Sonora News Company, City of Mexico 1899
Pictures and Scenes from Far Off Lands. The World at home Mary and Elizabeth Kirby J. Nelson 1899
Wanderings in Three Continents Richard F. Burton Dodd, Mead & Co., New York 1901
History of our Wild West, and stories of our pioneer life from experiences of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Kit Carson, David Crockett, Sam Houston, Generals Crook, Miles and Custer, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Great Indian Chiefs, and other famous frontiersmen and Indian fighters. A complete story of the settlement of the Western frontier, relating the exciting experiences, daring deeds and marvelous achievements of men made famous by their heroic deeds. Replete with stories of exciting hunts, Indian fights and adventures with wild animals and border bandits. D.M. Kelsey Thompson & Thomas, Chicago 1901
Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, during the years 1799-1804 Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland; transl. Thomasina Ross George Bell & Sons, London 1908
The Nile. Notes for Travellers in Egypt and in the Egyptian Sudan E.A. Wallis Budge Thos. Cook & Son 1910
A Congo Pathfinder. W. Holman Bentley among African Savages John H. Weeks
South : The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917 E. Shackleton William Heinemann, London 1919 (1982 reprint)
South with Scott E.R.G.R. Evans Collins, London 1921
Selected Papers on Anthropology, Travel and Exploration by Sir Richard Burton K.C.M.G. Ed. N.M. Penzer R.M. Mcbride & Co., New York 1924
The Story of Exploration and Adventure (2 vols) Ed. Sir Percy Sikes George Newnes, London 1926
Senor Bum in the Jungle Algo Sand Victor Gollancz, London 1932
Dragon Lizards of Komodo. An expedition to the lost world of the Dutch East Indies W. Douglas Burden G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York-London 1936
The Seven Pillars of Wisdon T.E. Lawrence Jonathan Cape, London 1936
The Nile, The Life Story of a River from the Source to Egypt Emil Ludwig George Allan & Unwin 1936
Island of Bali M. Covarrubias Cassel 1937
Oriental Spotlight Rameses John Murray 1937
Wanderings in the Peruvian Andes A.M. Renwick Blackie & Son 1939
A Desert Journal - Letters from Central Asia Evangeline French, Mildred Cable, Francesca French Hodder and Stoughton, London 1939 (2nd ed.)
Tibetan Venture - in the Country of the Ngolo-Setas André Guibaut John Murray 1949
The Desert Watches Wilson MacArthur Rupert Hart-Davies 1954

The Stage Condemn'd, and, the encouragement given to the Immoralities and Profaneness of the Theatre, by the English Schools, Universities and Pulpits, Censur'd. King Charles I. Sundays Mask and Declaration for Sports and Pastimes on the Sabbath, largely related and Animadverted upon. The Arguments of all the Authors that have Writ in Defence of the Stage against Mr. Collier, Consider'd. And, the Sense of the Fathers, Councils, Antient Philosophers and Poets, and of the Greek and Roman States, and of the First Christian Emperours concerning the DRAMA, Faithfully Deliver'd. Together with the Censure of the English State and of several Antient and Modern Divines of the Church of England upon the STAGE. And Remarks on diverse late Plays, as also on those presented by the two Universities to King Charles I. [Kindly donated by Rafael Sorkin] George Ridpath Printed for John Salusbury, at the Angel in St. Paul's Church-Yard 1698
History of the Inquisition, from its Establishment to the Present Time, with an Account of its Procedure, and Narratives of its Victims
Ward & Co., London 1850
The History of the Great Plague in London, in the year 1665. By a Citizen who Lived the Whole Time in London. Together with an Account of the Fire in 1666 from the Memoirs of Evelyn D. Defoe R. Clay, London 1858
The Book of Martyrs, being a History of the Persecution of Protestants J. Foxe Adam & Co., London 1873
A History of England, from the Accession of James the Second. Vol. 1 Lord Macauley Longman, Green, Reader, & Dyer 1873
The History of the Conquest of Peru, with a preliminary view of the civilization of the Incas (2 vols) William H. Prescott Routledge & Sons, London 1885
The Barbary Corsairs Stanley Lane-Poole T. Fisher Unwin, London 1890
Indian Horrors , or, Massacres by the red men, being a thrilling narrative of bloody wars with merciless and revengeful savages, including a full account of the daring deeds and tragic death of the world-renowned chief Sitting Bull, with startling descriptions of fantastic ghost dances; mysterious medicine men; desperate Indian braves; scalping of helpless settlers; burning their homes, etc, etc, the whole comprising a fascinating history of the Indians from the discovery of America to the present time; their manners, customs, modes of warfare, legends etc. Henry Davenport Northrop ? 1890?
Witchcraft Illustrated. Facts, theories, and incidents. With a glance at Old and New Salem and its historical resources. H.D. Kimball Geo. A. Kimball, Boston 1892
Armenian Massacres and Turkish Tyranny or, The sword of Mohammed, containing a complete and thrilling account of the terrible atrocities and wholesale murders committed in Armenia by Mohammedan fanatics, including a full account of the Turkish people, their history, government, manners, customs and strange religious belief, to which is added, the Mohammedan reign of terror in Armenia Frederick Davis Greene American Oxford Publishing Co. 1896
The Philosophy of Witchcraft Ian Ferguson George G. Harrap & Co. 1924
The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine artist, written by himself Himself, Transl. A MacDonell J.M. Dent, London 1926
Fifty Great Disasters and Tragedies that Shocked the World Various Odhams Press c. 1930s
Celebrated Courtezans Richepin Mathieson & Co., London ?

Peaks, Passes and Glaciers: A series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club Ed. John Ball Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts, London 1860, 5th ed.
Hours of Exercise in the Alps John Tyndall Longmans, Green & Co., London 1871, 1st ed.
Scrambles amongst the Alps in the years 1860-69 Edward Whymper John Murray, London 1871, 1st ed. (reprint)
Mountains and Mountain-Climbing. Records of adventure and enterprise among the famous mountains of the world William H.D. Adams T. Nelson and Sons, London 1883, 1st ed.
A Guide to Chamonix and the Range of Mount Blanc Edward Whymper John Murray, London 1899, 4th ed.
Tramps round the Mountains of the Moon and through the back gate of the Congo state T. Broadwood Johnson T. Fisher Unwin, London 1908
Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator Edward Whymper Thomas Nelson & Sons c. 1910
My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus A.F. Mummery Thomas Nelson & Sons c.1910
True Tales of Mountain Adventure Mrs. Aubrey Le Blond Thomas Nelson & Sons c. 1910
Mountain Craft Geoffrey Winthrop Young Methuen & Co., London 1920, 1st ed.
Below the Snow Line Douglas W. Freshfield Constable & Co. 1923
The Epic of Mount Everest Sir Francis Younghusband Arnold 1927
Early Travellers in the Alps G.R. de Beer Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1930
Kamet Conquered F.S. Smythe Victor Gollancz, London 1933
First Over Everest. The Houston Mount Everest Expedition 1933 P.F.M. Fellowes et al. John Lane, London 1933
Mountaineering Ventures Claude E. Benson T.C & E.C. Jack, London c. 1935
Mountains of the Moon, an Expedition to the Equatorial Mountains of Africa Patrick M. Synge Lindsay Drummond Ltd. 1937
Ten Years under the Earth Norbert Casteret J.M. Dent, London 1940
Spirit of the Hills F.S. Smythe Hodder & Stoughton 1941
Memoirs of a Mountaineer:'Helvellyn to Himalaya' and 'Lhasa - the Holy City' F. Spencer Chapman Reprint Society, London 1940/1938 (1945)
The Matterhorn Guido Rey Basil Blackwell, Oxford 1946
The Ascent of Everest Sir John Hunt Hodder & Stoughton 1954
The Technique of Mountaineering, a handbook of established methods J.E.B. Wright Mountaineering Association 1955
Matterhorn Man. The Life and Adventures of Edward Whymper Walter Unsworth Victor Gollancz, London 1965

Remarks on Several Parts of Italy &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703 Joseph Addison Tonson and Draper, London 1753
An account of the manners and customs of Italy, with observations on the Mistakes of some travellers, with regard to that Country Joseph Barretti T. Davies, London 1768
Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters during an Excursion in Italy in the Years 1802 and 1803. John Forsyth John Murray 1835
Roma, Descrizioni e Ricordi Francesco Wey Milani 1879 (1988 repr.)
Venetian Life W.D. Howells Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1883
Italy - Handbook for Travellers. Third Part, Southern Italy and Sicily, with Excursions to the Lipari Islands, Malta, Sardinia, Tunis, and Corfu Karl Baedeker Baedeker 1896, 12th rev. ed.
Rock Villages of the Riviera William Scott Adam and Charles Black, London 1898
Rome. Its Churches, Monuments, Art and Antiquities Francis Wey William Glaisher 1903
Italy - Handbook for Travellers. Second Part, Central Italy and Rome. Karl Baedeker Baedeker 1904, 14th rev. ed.
Hill Towns of Italy Egerton R. Williams Smith, Elder & Co., London 1904
Italy - Handbook for Travellers. First Part - Northern Italy Karl Baedeker Baedeker 1906, 13th rev. ed.
Italy Handbook for Travellers. From the Alps to Naples and Rome. Karl Baedeker Baedeker 1909, 2nd ed.
How to See Italy by Rail Douglas Sladen Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. 1912
Venice Lonsdale and Laura Ragg A. & C. Black, London 1916
Among Italian Peasants Tony Cyriax W. Collins, London 1919
The Stones of Italy C.T.G. Formelli A. & C. Black, London 1927
Wonders of Italy. The monuments of antiquity, the churches, the palaces, the treasures of art [Presented by the publishers to Austen Chamberlain, British chancellor/Foreign Secretary and brother of prime minister Neville Chamberlain]
G. Fattorusso, Florence 1928
The Castles of Italy C.T.G. Formelli A. & C. Black, London 1933

Tuscan Sculptors. Their lives, works and times (2 vols.) C.C. Perkins Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green 1864
A Nook in the Apennines, or, a Summer Beneath the Chestnuts Leader Scott C. Kegan Paul & Co., London 1879
Una Gita alla Tana di Cascaltendine nel Monte di Gragno [SEE MIKE'S TRANSLATION]. Pietro Magri Tipografia di P. Groppi 1880
Il Territorio di Barga Pietro Magri Arte della Stampa, Firenze 1881, 1st ed.
Tuscan Cities W.D. Howells Heinemann and Balestier 1891
The Tuscan Republics (Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca) with Genoa Bella Duffy T. Fisher Unwin, London 1892
Earthwork out of Tuscany, being impressions and translations of Maurice Hewlett with Illustrations by James Kerr-Lawson Maurice Hewlett J.M. Dent, London 1899, 2nd rev. ed.
The Road in Tuscany. A commentary (2 vols.) Maurice Hewlett Macmillan and Co., London 1904
Tuscan Folk-lore and Sketches Isabella M. Anderton Arnold Fairbairns, London 1905
A Famous Corner of Tuscany Evangeline Whipple Jarrolds c. 1910
A Wanderer in Florence E.V. Lucas Methuen & Co. 1912, 1st ed.
In Tuscany. Tuscan towns, Tuscan types, and the Tuscan tongue Montgomery Carmichael Burns & Oates, London 1913, 4th ed.
Florence and Northern Tuscany with Genoa Edward Hutton Methuen & Co. 1914, 3rd ed.
A Wayfarer in Unknown Tuscany Edward Hutton Methuen & Co. 1925, 3rd ed.
La Necropoli di Cerveteri M. Pallottino Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato c. 1950
The Necropolis of Cerveteri M. Pallottino (trans. M.E. Stanley) Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato c. 1950
Tuscan Retreat Vernon Bartlett Chatto & Windus 1964

A Compendium of Anatomy, containing a Short but Perfect View of all the Parts of Humane Bodies, wherein are inserted the Modern Discoveries together with a Variety of Curious Observations never before made publick. D. Laurentius Heister Printed for Tho. Combes, at the Bible and Dove in Pater-noster Row, and James Lacy, between the temple Gates in Fleet-Street 1721
The Wonders of Nature and Art, comprising nearly three hundred of the most remarkable curiosities and phenomena in the known world, with an account of the recent improvements in locomotive travelling, steam navigation &cc. &cc.
William Milner, Halifax 1839
The Young Man's Book of Amusement, containing the most interesting and instructive experiments in various branches of science, to which is added all the popular tricks and changes in cards and the art of making fire works. [This book has its very own web site - see here].
Halifax 1846
The Entertaining Naturalist: being popular descriptions, tales and anecdotes of more than five hundred animals, comprehending all the quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, insects, &c. of which a knowledge is indispensable in polite education. Mrs. Loudon Henry G. Bohn, London 1850
Curiosities of Physical Geography & Caves of the Earth W. Wittich G. Cox, London 1853
Science Popularly Explained : the principles of natural and physical science, and their practical and useful applications to the employments and necessities of common life, familiarly explained, and illustrated with upwards of two hundred engravings. David A. Wells W. Kent and Co., London 1856
The Treasury of Natural History, or a Popular Dictionary of Zoology in which the characteristics that distinguish the different classes, genera and species, are combined with a variety of interesting information illustrative of the habits, instincts, and general economy of the animal kingdom. Samuel Maunder Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, London 1862, 2nd ed.
Scenes of Wonder in Many Lands: being descriptions of remarkable rapids, cascades, waterfalls, natural bridges, &c.
T. Nelson & Sons, London 1868
Elementary Treatise on Physics Experimental and Applied Ganot (Transl. E. Atkinson) Longmans, Green, & Co., London 1870
Wonders of the Deep M. Schele De Vere James Blackwood & Co. c. 1871
The Desert World, or, the scenery, animal and vegetable life, and physical character of the wildernesses and waste places of the earth Arthur Mangin T. Nelson & Sons, London 1872
Six Lectures on Light, delivered in America in 1872-1873 John Tyndall Longmans, Green, & Co., London 1873
The Unseen Universeor, physical speculations on a future state B. Stewart and P.G. Tait Macmillan & Co., London 1876
A Hundred Wonders of the World in Nature and Art, described according to the latest authorities, and profusely illustrated John Small W.P. Nimmo, London 1877
The Universe, or, the infinitely great and the infinitely little F.A. Pouchet Blackie and Son, London 1877, 5th ed.
Evenings at the Microscope; or, researches among the minuter organs and forms of animal life. Philip Henry Gosse Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1877
On Some Properties of the Earth O. Reichenbach Wertheimer, Lea & Co., London 1880
Pictorial Chronicles of the Mighty Deep, or, the sea, its ships and sailors. Being a record from the earliest times to our own day of the most remarkable maritime adventures, voyages, discoveries, conflicts, deeds of bravery and danger, with special reference to the exploits of our own countrymen, and the founding, extension, and development of the world-wide British empire. The whole forming a valuable, interesting, and instructive compendium. Francis Watt James Sangster & Co., London c. 1880
Letters on Natural Magic David Brewster W. Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London 1882
God's Glorious Creations, or, the Mighty Marvels of Earth, Sea and Sky. The Earth's Place in the Universal Plan. Dr. H.J. Klein, Dr. Thomé Trans. J. Minshull Ward, Lock & Co., London 1886
The Creator's Wonders in Living Nature, or, Marvels of Life in the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms. Organic Life in all Parts of the World, on Land and in the Ocean Dr. H.J. Klein, Dr. Thomé Trans. J. Minshull Ward, Lock & Co., London 1886
Famous Caverns and Grottoes, described and illustrated W.H. Davenport Adams T. Nelson & Sons, London 1886
Volcanoes and Earthquakes. A popular description of the movements in the Earth's crust Dr. G. Hartwig Longmans, Green, & Co., London 1887
Sea-monsters and Sea-birds Dr. G. Hartwig Longmans, Greean, & Co., London 1887
Half Hours Underground
Charles Burnet, London 1888, 1st Ed.
Earthquakes, with fifty-seven illustrations Arnold Boscowitz (Trans. C.B. Pitman) Routledge & Sons 1890
The Royal Natural History (6 vols) Ed. Richard Lydekker Frederick Warne & Co. 1893
A Study of Recent Earthquakes Charles Davison Walter Scott 1905
Volcanoes and Earthquakes Edward J. Houston W. & R. Chambers, London 1908
How to Fly, or, the Conquest of the Air. The story of man's endeavours to fly and of the inventions by which he has succeeded. Richard Ferris Thomas Nelson and Sons 1910
Science in Modern Life. A survey of scientific development, discovery and invention and their relations to human progress and industry (6 vols) Ed. J.R. Ainsworth Davies Gresham Publishing Company 1910
The Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein, Ph.D. Methuen, London 1920
Islands and their Mysteries A. Hyatt Verrill Andrew Melrose, London 1920
Space Time Motion. An historical introduction to the general theory of relativity A.V. Vasiliev Chatto and Windus, London 1924
Matter and Light: the New Physics Louis de Broglie George Allen and Unwin, London 1939

A New Treatise on the Use of the Globes; or a philosophical view of the Earth and heavens: comprehending an account of the figure, magnitude, and motion of the Earth ; with the natural changes of its surface, caused by floods, earthquakes, &c. Together with the principles of meteorology, and astronomy ; with the theory of the tides, &c. Preceded by an extensive selection of astronomical, and other definitions; and illustrated by a great variety of problems, questions for the examination of the student, &c. &c. Designed for the instruction of youth. Thomas Keith Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, London 1834
Solar System - Atmosphere Thomas Dick The Religious Tract Society c. 1847
Manual of Astronomy Joseph A. Galbraith, Samuel Haughton Longman, Brown, Green, Longman, & Roberts, London 1857
The Sextant and its Applications: including the correction of observations for instrumental errors, and the determination of latitude, time and longitude by various methods on land and at sea, with examples and tables. W.H. Simms Troughton and Simms, London 1858
The Moon : her Motions, Aspect, Scenery, and Physical Condition Richard A. Proctor Longmans, Green & Co., London 1873
Other Worlds Than Ours. The plurality of worlds studied under the light of scientific researchers. Richard A. Proctor Longmans Green, and Co., London 1893
Mathematical Astronomy C.W.C.Barlow, G.H.Bryan Clive & Co. 1893
The Amateur Astronomer Gideon Riegler T. Fisher Unwin, London 1910

History of Ancient Pottery Samuel Birch John Murray, London 1858
The History of Ancient Egypt (2 vols) George Rawlinson Longmans, Green & Co. 1881
The Buried Cities of Vesuvius, Herculaneum and Pompeii John Fletcher Horne Hazell, Watson and Viney, London 1895
The Dawn of Civilization. Egypt and Chaldea G. Maspero D. Appleton & Co., New York 1897 ,3rd ed.
Manual of Egyptian Archaeology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt, for the Use of Students and Travellers G. Maspero H. Grevel & Co., London 1902, 5th ed.
Egypt, Painted and Described R. Talbot Kelly Adam & Charles Black, London 1903
Wonders of the Past. The Marvellous Works of Man in Ancient Times described by the Leading Authorities of Today (3 vols) Ed. J.A. Hammerton EBC Ltd. c. 1920
The Problem of Atlantis Lewis Spence William Rider & Son (London) 1924
The Book of the Dead, Books on Egypt and Chaldea E.A. Wallis Budge Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. 1928, 2nd ed.
The Great Pyramid, a Scientific Revelation Adam Rutherford Self published 1939

Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Cities, Scenes & Paintings, containing a rare and elaborate collection of photographic views of the entire world of nature and art, presenting and describing the choicest treasures of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America, The Old World and the New. Compiled by John L. Stoddard Werner Company, Chicago c. 1892
Scenes from Every Land. Over five hundred photographic views, embracing the most beautiful and famous palaces, cathedrals, churches, monuments, and statues of the old world; feudal castles, heathen temples, and the classic ruins of Italy, Egypt, Syria and the Holy Land, together with the masterpieces of sculpture and painting in the art galleries of Europe. A photographic panorama of the world, giving exquisite views of mountain, lake, river, forest and ocean scenery in every country; instantaneous photographs of street scenes in the great cities, and objects of natural curiousity, artistic beauty and sublimity everywhere. Designed to take the place of an extended tour of the world.
Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, Springfield, Ohio 1893
Round the World from London Bridge to Charing Cross, via Yokohoma and Chicago. An album of pictures from photographs of the chief places of interest in all parts of the world.
George Newnes, London 1895

Isis Unveiled, a Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology H.P. Blavatsky Rider & Co., London 1877 (facsimile, 1930s?)
Intercourse of the Soul and the Body Emanuel Swedenborg Swedenborg Society, London 1887
The Light of Egypt, or, the Science of the Soul and the Stars Anonymous (in fact, Thomas H. Burgoyne) George Redway, London 1889, 1st ed.
Gems of Thought from Leading Intellectual Lights, Educational, Soul Elevating and Spiritualizing, Designed to Illustrate Certain Grand Truths which are Connected with the Spiritual Philosophy Compiled J.R. Francis Progressive Thinker Publishing House 1906

The Praife of York-shire Ale,wherein is enumerated feveral Sorts of Drinks, with a Difcription of the Humors of moft forts of Drunckards G. Meriton J. White, York 1694
The Cook's Guide, and Housekeeper's & Butler's Assistant : A practical treatise on English and foreign cookery in all its branches; containing plain instructions for pickling and preserving vegetables, fruits, game &c.; the curing of hams and bacon ; the art of confectionery and ice-making, and the arrangement of desserts. With valuable directions for the preparation of proper diet for invalids ; also for a variety of wine-cups and epicurean salads, American drinks, and summer beverages. Charles Elmé Francatelli (pupil of the celebrated Careme, seven years chef de cuisine to the Reform Club, and Maître-d'Hôtel and chief cook to Her Majesty the Queen) Bentley & Son, London 1880
All about Ices, Jellies, Creams & Conserves Henry G. Harris and S.P. Borella Maclaren & Sons 1926?
Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen, or, How to Cook Vegatables Janet Ross J.M. Dent & Sons, London 1927 5th ed.

The Analogy of Religion Joseph Butler Ward, Lock, and Co., London 1882?
The Gospel in Many Tongues (576 of them!) British and Foreign Bible Society London 1925

An Italian Conversation Grammar & Guide to Italian Composition N. Perini Librairie Hachette 1895
Tourist's and Student's Manual of Languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Welsh, Latin, Modern Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hindutsani, Chinese, Japanese, also How to learn a language; pronunciation, money and exchange tables, motor terms, &c. Captain Chas. Slack Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., London 1910
Arabic Grammar of the Written Language G.W. Thatcher Julius Groos, Heidelberg 1927, 3rd ed.
The Spoken Arabic of Iraq John van Ess Oxford University Press 1941, 2nd ed.

The Private Library Arthur L. Humphries Strangeways & Sons, London 1897
Bookbinding, and the Care of Books Douglas Cockerell Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 1920

The National Encyclopedia : A dictionary of universal knowledge by writers of eminence in literature, science and art (13 vols)
William Mackenzie 1860, 1st ed.
Countries of the World (6 vols) Ed.J.A. Hammerton Waverley Book Co. c. 1920

The Works of Alexander Pope Efq., Volume VIII, being the Second of his Letters A. Pope Year 1760
International Library of Famous Literature (20 vols.) Ed. Dr. R. Garnett Year 1899, 1st ed.

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine Various The Century Co., New York 1896
The Wide World Magazine, Vol. I, Apr-Sep 1898 Various George Newnes, London 1899
The Wide World Magazine, Vol. III, Apr-Sep 1899 Various George Newnes, London 1899

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments Trans. Galland R. Griffin & Co., London 1828
Christmas Books Charles Dickens Chapman and Hall c. 1860
Arabian Nights' Entertainments Trans. Galland William P. Nimmo & Co., Edinburgh 1881
Fairy Tales Hans Andersen Collins c. 1890
Fireside Amusements - a Book of Indoor Games
W. & R. Chambers, London 1890
Fairy Tales Brothers Grimm Blackie and Son 1905
True Ghost Stories Cheiro London Publishing Co. 1928 (3rd ed.)
Tales from the Gûlistan, or, Rose-Garden of the Sheikh Sa'Di of Shiraz Trans. Richard F. Burton

Ananga Ranga or, the Hindu Art of Love Trans.F.F. Arbuthnot and Richard F. Burton Kama Shastra Society of London and Benares 1885 1st ed. (for private circulation only)
Phallic Worship. A history of sex and sex rites in relation to the religions of all races from antiquity to the present day George Ryley Scott T. Werner Laurie, London 1941

The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers from seeds and roots. Also a years work in the vegatable garden, flowers all the year round, the rotation and chemistry of crops, the formation of lawns from seed, and descriptions of and remedies for garden pests Sutton & Sons Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton Kent & Co. 1895


Complementary Antiquarian Library

Modern books to complement the Antiquarian Library, including reprints of old books on the same topics, plus biographies etc. Note that real 19th century Burton and Humboldt books cost more money than the TTI has readily available, hence the need for reprints.

Title Author Year

A Voyage to Guinea, Brazil, & the West Indies, in his Majesty's ships, the Swallow and Weymouth. Describing the several islands and settlements, viz: Madeira, the Canaries, Cape de Verde, Sierra Leone, Sesthos, Cape Apollonia, Cabo Corfo, and others on the Guinea Coast; Barbadoes, Jamaica, &c. in the West Indies. The Colour, Diet, Languages, Habits, Manners, Customs, and Religions of the respective Natives, and Inhabitants. With Remarks on the GOLD, IVORY AND SLAVE TRADE; and on the Winds, Tides and Currents of the several Coasts. John Atkins 1735 (1970 reprint)
Goa and the Blue Mountains, or, Six Months of Sick Leave Richard F. Burton 1851 (reprint)
Scinde; or, the Unhappy Valley Richard F. Burton 1851 (reprint)
Sindh, and the Races that inhabit the Valley of the Indus Richard F. Burton 1852 (reprint)
Falconry in the Valley of the Indus Richard F. Burton 1852 (reprint)
A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise R.F. Burton 1853 (2002 reprint)
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Mecca (2 vols) Richard F. Burton 1855 (reprint)
First Footsteps in East Africa Richard F. Burton 1856 (reprint)
The Lake Regions of Central Africa Richard F. Burton 1860 (reprint)
Abeokuta and the Camaroons Mountains Richard F. Burton 1863 (reprint)
Wanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po Richard F. Burton 1863 (reprint)
A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome Richard F. Burton 1864 (1966 reprint)
Exploration of the Highlands of The Brazil; with A Full Account of the Gold and Diamond Mines; Also, Canoeing down 1500 Miles of the Great River of Sao Francisco, From Sabara to the Sea Richard F. Burton 1869 (reprint)
Vikram and the Vampire, or, Tales of Hindoo Devilry Richard F. Burton 1870 (1969 reprint)
Letters from the Battlefields of Paraguay Richard F. Burton 1870 (reprint)
Unexplored Syria: Visits to the Libanus, The Tulul el Safa, the Anti-Libanus, the Northern Libanus, and the 'Alah Richard F. Burton 1872 (reprint)
Zanzibar; City, Island, and Coast Richard F. Burton 1872 (reprint)
Etruscan Bologna Richard F. Burton 1876 (reprint)
Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo Richard F. Burton 1876 (reprint)
The Gold Mines of Midian and the Ruined Midianite Cities: a Fortnight's Tour in Northwestern Arabia Richard F. Burton 1878 (1979 reprint, 2000 reprint)
The Land of Midian (Revisited) Richard F. Burton 1879 (reprint)
The Kasidah Richard F. Burton 1880 (reprint)
To the Gold Coast for Gold: a personal narrative Richard F. Burton 1880 (reprint)
The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Trans. Richard F. Burton 1883 (1962 reprint)
The Book of the Sword Richard F. Burton 1884 (reprint)
The Perfumed Garden of the Cheikh Nefzaoui: a Manual of Arabian Erotology Trans. Richard F. Burton 1886 (reprint)
The Sotadic Zone : Social and Sexual Relations of the Mohammed Empire Richard F. Burton
Pilpay's Fables Richard F. Burton
The Island of Cuba Alexander von Humboldt
Personal Narrative of a Journey to the Equinoctial Regions of the
New Continent
Alexander von Humboldt
Cosmos A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe Vol. 1 Alexander von Humboldt (1858)
Cosmos A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe Vol. 2 Alexander von Humboldt (1858)
How I Found Livingstone Henry M. Stanley
Missions to the Niger: The journal of Friedrich Hornemann's Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the years 1797-98, and, The letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing 1824-26 Ed. E.W. Bovill 1964

The Devil Drives. A life of Sir Richard Burton. Fawn Brodie 1967 (2002 reprint)
A Rage to Live. A Biography of Richard and Isobel Burton Mary S. Lovell
Of No Country. An Anthology of the Works of Sir Richard Burton Frank Mclynn 1990
Humboldt and the Cosmos Douglas Botting 1973
Humboldt's Cosmos: Alexander Von Humboldt and the Epic Journey of Discovery that Changed the Way we see the World Gerard Helferich
To The Heart of the Nile (Samuel and Florence Baker) Pat Shipman

Sindh Revisited Christopher Ondaatje
Journey to the Source of the Nile Christopher Ondaatje
The White Nile Alan Moorehead 1960 (2001)
The Blue Nile Alan Moorehead 1962 (2001)

The Guns of August Barbara Tuchman 1962 (1997)
In Search of Ancient Italy Pierre Grimal 1964
Great Bordellos of the World : an Illustrated History Emmett Murphy 1983
Egypt revealed : artist-travellers in an antique land T.G.H. James 1997
How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphics Collier and Manley

The Arabian Nights Trans. Husain Haddawy
The Arabian Nights II : Sindbad and Other Popular Stories Trans. Husain Haddawy
The Arabian Nights - a Companion Robert Irwin