Holidays and vacations

The monastery is more geared to hosting events such as conferences, workshops, retreats, schools and concerts than for regular holiday rental. Nevertheless, if you do wish to stay for pure vacational purposes then please contact us and we can see what may be done. We don't normally charge money for this, but donations of e.g. nice bottles of wine, chickens, and similar payment in kind will not be refused.


TTI is essentially philanthropic in nature - that is, we do not charge for hosting events or for accommodation - but clearly there are costs involved (i.e. money we need to give to other people to - for example - rent vehicles) so please ask for a quote or for further information. A full service including catering can be provided and Mike is usually happy to organize things and to produce posters and programme documents etc. More details of available facilities are here. Note that TTI specializes in guided mountain walks, caving, canyoning, city visits and other exotic entertainments as detailed in our Things to do in Vallico Sotto document, and the management strongly encourages event organizers to allow guests plenty of time to engage in these.

It is hoped that visitors will understand and appreciate the rather unusual nature of TTI. It is not in any sense a hotel or luxury Tuscan villa surrounded by cypress trees but a proper Institute meant to foster and encourage philosophical, scientific or artistic contemplation and to maintain friendships (though without being a haven for hippies or nutters, unless they really make it worth my while). You will not have an ensuite bathroom, a mini-bar, or maids making your bed - in fact life at TTI is essentially communal and you will often have to share rooms with others. Nevertheless, we have found that people greatly enjoy the atmosphere and find their stay to be both enjoyable and valuable..


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Contact Mike Towler by email on mdt26 at (replace the at with an @ symbol).