TTI can be found at Latitude 44° 0'52.95"N and Longitude 10° 26'33.45". To find your way there, follow your satnav/Google maps device or these instructions:

Staying on your own

Fly to Pisa. Rent a car. Drive there in 1 hour 10 minutes (see map or these instructions - also available as a text file for emailing/printing etc.). Alternatively, it is possible to get a train from Pisa Centrale station via Lucca up the Serchio valley to Barga-Gallicano which takes about one and a half hours - you may need to change trains at Lucca. Once at Barga-Gallicano you could get a taxi up to Vallico Sotto (20 minutes, 30 Euro) which would need to be pre-booked : try Barga Taxi at [email protected] Tel. 331 3378051 - here's a sample Italian email query (the only alternative I know of is Anna Tomei in Bagni di Lucca on 0583. 86.77.09 or 348-51.50.282 - only speaks Italian). Note that Pisa Centrale station can be reached by taxi in 5 minutes from the airport or by a 5 minute train ride from Pisa Aeroporto station (which you get to by walking out of the left-hand side of the airport, and from where there are very occasional trains direct to Lucca or even to Barga-Gallicano).

Staying with Mike and Sam

If driving, follow these instructions, else, fly to Pisa, then ask Mike (mobile 00 44 07432 491113) to come and pick you up from the airport (or, more helpfully, get a train from Pisa Centrale station to Barga-Gallicano. Mike can pick you up on request from there in 20 minutes, which he prefers over the three hour round trip to Pisa).