A10. How do I install xmgrace on my machine?

If you can get root privileges and xmgrace is available for your distribution in .rpm or .deb form, go for that.

The following are instructions for installing xmgrace as a non-root user when motif-compatible libraries are not available:

  1. Get the SOURCES of grace (http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/) and lesstif (http://lesstif.sourceforge.net/), and untar them in a temp directory.
  2. Go into the lesstif directory and install lesstif by issuing:
    $ ./configure --prefix $HOME/misc/lesstif
    make all install
  3. Go into the grace directory and install it by issuing:
    $ ./configure --prefix $HOME/misc --with-extra-incpath="$HOME/misc/lesstif/include:/usr/X11R6/include" --with-extra-ldpath="$HOME/misc/lesstif/lib:/usr/X11R6/lib: /usr/X11R6/lib64" --with-motif-library="-lXm -lXt -lXft -lXrender -lXext -lX11"
    $ make ; make install
  4. Then link $HOME/misc/grace/bin/xmgrace into your path (e.g., $HOME/bin) for convenience. You should be able to start xmgrace by typing
    xmgrace‘ at the command prompt.

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