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The CASINO developers host a discussion forum on this site which should be the first port of call for any questions you have, either about the CASINO code itself, about particular applications, or about QMC in general. Click the following image to access the forum.

An account will automatically be created for you if you follow the CASINO download procedure and you tick the relevant checkbox. You may also manually set up your own account; advice about how to do this and how to use the forum is in the General Announcements section of the forum – the content of this is reproduced below:

“If you wish to do anything other than read posts you must ‘Register’ (click button top right). It is preferred that you do this using your real name if possible e.g. ‘Albert Einstein’ (your first name, followed by a space, followed by your last name!).

The registration process requires you to answer a stupid question which screens out essentially all spambots; once you have successfully registered then your account will need to be manually activated by the Administrator (which can take up to a day if he’s not paying attention, but can happen immediately if he’s sitting in front of a computer, which he does a lot). If there is not enough information available for him to decide that you’re a normal person with some reason for being interested in quantum Monte Carlo then he may refuse the activation request. If you think that is unfair, please contact Mike Towler to explain who you are (mdt26@cam.ac.uk).

Anyway, once you have registered and been activated, you can click on ‘User Control Panel’ to add information about yourself to your Profile (which is visible by others) and to adjust various ‘Board preferences’.

By default the system will send you an email notification of a new topic, but not of any subsequent replies. You can change the kind of notifications you get by going to User Control Panel –> Board Preferences –> Edit Post Notification Options, where you can change things so that you get notification of every submitted post, only the first post in a new topic, only posts in subscribed forums, only one notification between visits to the site, no notifications at all, etc. If you wish to subscribe only to particular forums you can click on any of our five defined forums (‘General Announcements’, ‘The CASINO program’, ‘Quantum Monte Carlo’, ‘Computational Electronic Structure’, and ‘Jobs’) and click the ‘Subscribe Forum’ button at the bottom of the screen (do this for each forum you want to subscribe to). You may unsubscribe at any time by going to User Control Panel –> Overview –> Manage Subscriptions. You can also do this at the level of individual topics.

Please try to keep the discussion relevant (quantum Monte Carlo, CASINO, computational electronic structure theory etc.). If your question could be answered by reading the CASINO manual or FAQ, do try that first.

CASINO bug reports should include enough information for us to reproduce the problem, including the version number of the code, hardware/software combination(s) for which the problem arises, whether it happens in serial or parallel execution or both, and, most important, an input and output exhibiting such behaviour (fast to execute if possible). The error message alone is usually not a sufficient piece of information.

Anyone who gets through the registration process and starts spamming will be immediately banned; our stocks of Viagra and cheap sports shoes are quite adequate, thanks for asking.

Enjoy your QMC discussions!”

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