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First time users who do not have a CASINO login ID (if you do, click here) can reveal a temporary link allowing immediate download of the standard version of the Cambridge University quantum Monte Carlo program ‘CASINO’ by completing the form below then pressing the big orange “Send form” button at the bottom of the page.

Note that pressing the button will have no effect unless you click the checkbox agreeing to the legal terms and conditions. You may also tick checkboxes requesting other services which require action from the CASINO administrator – please be patient, as a response to these additional requests could take a few days depending on how busy MDT is. Note that the ‘standard’ version of CASINO, while fully functional in all respects, has ‘obfuscated’ source code which is by design almost impossible to read. If you wish to become a developer and have access to the developer version of CASINO with the full unobfuscated source, then please tick the relevant box to indicate your interest and give some justification.

You may wish to refer to the Development Log before downloading – this is a long list of all the changes ever made to CASINO back to 1997. If you prefer a shorter summary of the main changes, see here.

    First indicate which version(s) of CASINO you want below. The 'standard version' is the last public release (2.12.1, Feb 2013). The 'current beta' is the nightly build that incorporates the latest fixes, features, and computer support. As there has been a long delay before the next official 2.14 release of CASINO and the current beta is a very close approximation of that release, the 'standard version' should now be considered obsolete (it may not work at all on some of the latest computers). It is therefore recommended that you use the current beta until further notice. Requests for even earlier obsolete versions should be referred to the authors.
    Now fill in your personal details:

    Your Name (required)

    Your Institution (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Brief statement of why you wish to use CASINO (required).
    Anyone saying 'To do quantum Monte Carlo calculations' will be shot.

    (capitalization unimportant; write ö as oe)

    Please indicate which of the following additional services you require. These are things which need either a personal response or some manual setup by the CASINO administrator.

    I require a login ID/password for this website YesNo

    A login ID allows you to contribute your own Blog or Project posts about your research or other relevant matters on this site; this is a good way to publicize what you do amongst a community of people that are likely to give a damn. Note that such contributions will be moderated - that is, your default status is 'Contributor' - unless we know you well enough (or you can otherwise convince us) to make you an unmoderated 'Author' (see here for an explanation of what this all means and for instructions on writing posts). Once in possession of your login ID and password you may login by typing the information into the relevant bit of the right-hand sidebar.

    I require a login ID/password for the CASINO discussion forum YesNo

    For technical reasons the discussion forum involves a separate registration process, which the administrator must approve. You can do this manually by following the instructions on the discussion forum page, or you can simply check the box above (the latter is preferable since it means your login ID/password will be the same throughout the site). Important note: as part of its function is to replace the old casino-users mailing list, the Forum will by default send you email notifications of each new topic that is posted (probably about 1 email a week at current rates). If you want to change this or turn it off altogether, click the relevant link in the 'Welcome to the Forum' email that will be automatically sent to you when your account is activated (or any subsequent email).

    I wish to register my interest in attending the CASINO summer school in Tuscany, Italy YesNo

    This is not a formal commitment; the administrator will merely send you further information about the school

    I wish to register my interest in obtaining a copy of the development version of CASINO, and/or my general intention of doing development work YesNo

    To become a developer, you need to e.g. tell us what you want to develop, what relevant experience do you have, etc. etc. Please write something about this in the following box. More information about becoming a developer is available here.

    To obtain a copy of CASINO, you must tick the following box:

    This implies your legal acknowledgement that (1) you have filled in this form using your real name and not a pseudonym with accurate contact details, and that (2) you accept the following terms and conditions:

    (1) I understand that copyright and intellectual property rights are retained by the authors.

    (2) I will not supply a copy of CASINO to anyone. I will refer requests for copies of CASINO to the authors. I have the right to use CASINO on my own personal computer equipment or on any computer system at my Institution named above.

    (3) I will not incorporate any part of the CASINO source code into the source code of any other program system without prior written permission of the authors of CASINO.

    (4) I will not use CASINO for any profit-making purposes without signing the separate commercial license.

    (5) I will not modify the source code of CASINO without prior written permission of the authors.

    (6) In any publication quoting results from CASINO I will reference it as follows: R.J. Needs, M.D. Towler, N.D. Drummond and P. López Ríos, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 22, 023201 (2010).

    (7) I understand that CASINO is not guaranteed to be bug free and that it is supplied 'as is', with no additional responsibility or liability. It is appreciated if reports of bugs encountered using CASINO are sent to the authors.

    The full details of your submission, including your IP address, will be recorded. Thanks for your interest in our work!

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