Download CASINO developers’ version

To download the development version of the CASINO code (which contains the full unobfuscated source) you will need (a) a CASINO login ID and password, and (b) the CASINO administrator to have added your CASINO login ID to the developer database. If you don’t have a login ID, follow the First Download procedure here and click the ‘I want to be a developer’ checkbox. You will then be sent a login ID and, subject to the agreement of the administrator, your developer status will be confirmed. For more information see also here.

You may wish to refer to the Development Log before downloading – this is a long list of all the changes ever made to CASINO back to 1997. If you prefer a shorter summary of the main changes – and you probably do – you can find that here.

If you’re an active developer you almost certainly want the current beta version.

Available distributions for developers
Full documented source code, developer’s password required
CASINO current beta – Developers’ version (nightly build)
CASINO_2.12.1 – Developers’ version (7.3.2013)

Old obsolete versions – kept here for reference
CASINO_2.10.2 – Developers’ version (3.4.2012)
CASINO_2.8d – Developers’ version (4.7.2011)
CASINO_2.6 – Developers’ version (12.10.2010)
CASINO_2.5 – Developers’ version (19.9.2009)
CASINO_2.4 – Developers’ version (20.7.2009)
CASINO_2.3 – Developers’ version (17.10.2008)
CASINO_2.2 – Developers’ version (19.8.2008)
CASINO_2.1 – Developers’ version (19.7.2007)
CASINO_2.0 – Developers’ version (23.8.2006)
Earlier versions back to 1997 available on request

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