How to obtain a copy

Although it is not ‘free software’ in the GNU GPL sense, the CASINO software is  made available on request to anyone who asks for it subject to certain conditions of use enforced by the user accepting our license agreement. The practical upshot of these conditions is that users may not redistribute the code, they may not incorporate any part of it into any other program system, nor may they modify it in any way whatsoever without prior agreement of the authors (though such permission in practice is generally easy to obtain for serious people who know what they’re doing). No payment is requested from academic or private users wishing to use the code for non-profit making purposes. That said, we of course appreciate people making donations (note to taxman – no-one ever has).

Academics or private users who are happy with the above and wish to obtain a copy of CASINO can now fill in and submit the request form online. This will give you immediate access to the standard version of the CASINO distribution. Submitting the form will also trigger a request for a CASINO login ID and password which can be used to (1) download future updates of the code from this page, (2) participate in the CASINO discussion forum, and (3) login to this website (see right-hand sidebar) and contribute Blog and Project posts to inform interested people about your research.  The form has a collection of tick boxes with which one may request access to the discussion forum, this CASINOQMC web site, and the developer distribution of CASINO, as well as requests for information about CASINO summer schools. This latter stuff requires the manual intervention of the CASINO administrator so please don’t be upset if it takes  a couple of days. People who used the code before Christmas 2013 (when this website was completed in its current form) may not have a general CASINO login ID or access to all these services. If this is the case, then either email Mike Towler directly or fill in the CASINO download form ticking the relevant boxes, and Mike will harmonize your details so that you have a single login ID/password for all the requested services.

Managers of academic computer centres wishing to install CASINO centrally for the use of multiple users should fill in the computer centre license agreement and email it to us (i.e. to mdt26 ‘at’ Representatives of profit-making bodies/commercial companies should make a specific email enquiry then,  if you are happy with the terms and conditions you should send a scan of a signed copy of the commercial license agreement. Your phone can usually be persuaded to do this in a couple of clicks (I use the Genius Scan app). You may also send the agreements by regular mail to Mike Towler, via del Monte alle Croci 25, 50125 Firenze, Italy. Once we are in possession of a signed license agreement, a copy of the code will be sent to you.

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