A12. When compiling with the pathscale compiler on a Cray system, I get huge numbers of warning messages saying “the use of ‘mktemp’ is dangerous, better use ‘mkstemp'”. How do I stop this?

This warning message is generated at link time when the ‘--whole-archive‘ option and static linking of the Suse Linux-provided libpthread.a library is used. The warning message will not occur if the program is linked dynamically, and since that is what the general Linux community does, it is unlikely that SuSE will address this anytime soon. In all compilers except PathScale, Cray was able to remove these options and replace them with others.

Cray has added the following to the Cray Application Developer’s Environment User’s Guide (S-2396)

4.7.2 Known Warnings
Code compiled using the options --whole-archive,-lpthread get the
following warning message issued by libpthread.a(sem_open.o): warning:
the use of 'mktemp' is dangerous, better use 'mkstemp'. The
--whole-archive option is necessary to avoid a runtime segmentation
fault when using OpenMP libraries. This warning can be safely ignored.

In short, there is nothing you/we/Cray can do about this until SuSE addresses it.

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