A2. How do I install CASINO?

Comprehensive instructions here. Brief summary below.

Change into the CASINO directory and type ‘./install‘ then follow the prompts. This script helps you find the correct CASINO_ARCH for your machine, or to create a new one if you need to.

The script allows you to configure several CASINO_ARCHs for the same installation, e.g., allowing you to keep binaries from different compilers, and to share the installation on machines with different architectures.

The script creates a ~/.bashrc.casino file which is loaded on login and defines a function called casinoarch, so that at any point you can type ‘casinoarch‘ at the prompt to switch to the configuration that you choose.

You can run the install script as many times as you like, to do things like adding/removing CASINO_ARCHs or reordering them by preference.

Should the abilities of the script fail to satisfy your needs, you can always define a CASINO_ARCH by creating the file CASINO/arch/data/<CASINO_ARCH>.arch The syntax of .arch files is explained in CASINO/arch/README and in Appendix 5 of the manual.

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