A8. Compilation problems on the (now archaic) CASINO_ARCH=ibm_sp3.*

a) In the linking stage, I get something like:

1586-346 (S) An error occurred during code generation.
The code generation return code was -1.
ld: 0706-005 Cannot find or open file: /tmp/ipajR8xEe
ld:open(): No such file or directory
1586-347 (S) An error occurred during linking of the object
produced by the IPA Link step.
The link return code was 255.

Your machine probably has a small CPU-time limit for interactive commands set by default. Type ‘limit cputime 10:00’ (or a larger value) and type ‘make’ again.

b) Why does the utilities compilation die on an IBM SP3 sometimes?

If you have a ‘TMPDIR‘ environment variable set, unset it. The compiler uses it and may be confused by it having a value already.

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